Motion Picture For Zi

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“Zi” is a Persian brand.

Transparent and true

It means living, soul and life.

This name is a selection of the tree of life. Brand’s story is a mythical tale that speaks of miracles and fantasy, based on the “beauty hidden in creation.” It shows the fact that in the depths of creation of every creature and creature, beauty can be found. Like a reflection of the beauty of a fairy in water and a mirror.

Xie believes that man is as beautiful as he is. This is our nature:

Love yourself as you are,

Believe in the mirror.

Zee is a brand with high standards and quality that can compete with well-known and selected brands. A product that is proud of Iran.

Up-to-date design, adorned with Persian words and poetry, is a gift to Persian speakers and Iranians.

Continuity of quality is the main foundation of this brand, which shows our respect for the consumer.


Motion Picture For Zi Motion Picture video ordered by Zi cosmetics .